One Tripadvisor reviewer described Turtle Bay Resort as “peaceful, tasteful and of good value.

Perched atop an immensely stunning peninsula on the scenic North Shore, the Turtle Bay Resort embraces a masterful blend of stylish luxury and exhilarating adventure.

Turtle Bay Resort in its grandeur
Turtle Bay Resort in its grandeur

This iconic crown jewel of the North Shore easily surpasses any other oceanfront resort accommodation in North Oahu, offering astonishing views of the aquamarine waters lapping the seashore. Indeed, Turtle Bay is a haven of luxury and comfort, fostering an experience of a lifetime.


How To Get To Turtle Bay?

The Turtle Bay Resort is about 50 miles from Honolulu, conveniently located near the legendary surf breaks Banzai Pipeline, Sunset Beach and Waimea Bay. As such, a car ride from the city could take just under an hour.


What to Expect?

On arrival, you’ll begin to appreciate the resort’s natural charm with miles of breathtaking beaches lined with swaying palms. Here, you can choose from lovely suites, spacious beach cottages or elegant ocean villas, all replete with that relaxed Hawaiian ambiance, renowned services, and inclusive amenities.

Turtle Bay RoomOn checking in, relax at your windows and awe at stunning ocean views while been enchanted by the sounds of surf crashing in the distance, the epitome of coastal luxury. Once you are settled in and ready to let yourself go in an invigoration of the senses, it’s time to explore Turtle Bay.


Popular Activities

The Turtle Bay Resort focuses on relaxation and outdoor activities. You’ll be amazed by the spectacular events and countless choices the resort offers to help you create the perfect vacation in paradise:

Turtle Bay Resort Golf Course
Turtle Bay Resort Golf Course
  • For The Adventurous Thrill Seeker: Pulse-pounding and breathtaking, Turtle Bay is undoubtedly the adventure lover’s haven. With its enviable location, the resort’s coastline features waves that will ignite a surfer’s passion. If that doesn’t quite heighten the adrenaline rush, then paddling along an Eco-Kayak, going outrigger canoeing or launching off “Jump Rock” at Waimea Bay may very well do the trick.


  • For the Reserved Traveler: For the more laid back traveler, there’s much for you too. The exhaustive list includes relaxing for an innovative Wave Therapy massage at their multi-sensory spa, teeing off up on either of their legendary golf courses, viewing hunchback waves from a private helicopter or navigating over intricate reef systems atop a glass bottom kayak.But there’s more; what about exploring the coastline dotted with peaceful bays ideal for swimming in calm, gorgeous waters? Or exploring their on-site farm and bird sanctuary? And of course snorkelers will have a blast from intimate encounters with unique marine life.


  • For The Shopping and Dining Aficionados: If you’re one that embraces fashionable glamour, then whatever your style, you’ll find trendy and well-designed outfits in one of Turtle Bay’s three resorts. For the culinary enthusiasts, the resort’s chefs have honed the masterful art of creating delectable gourmet choices that are truly Hawaiian.


Beyond Turtle Bay

The resort’s idyllic location is the perfect base for an island itinerary that will to get you fully immersed in the authentic North Shore experience.

Surfing at Turtle Bay
Surfing at Turtle Bay

On the outskirts, you’ll find endless photo ops, romantic spots, beautiful sunsets and some of the  most stunning beaches in the world.

For the curious explorer, the resort offers helicopter tours, horseback tours and excursions along the phenomenal seven-mile miracle that is the North Shore with trails replete with sights and activities that will wow even the most cynical traveler.

Indeed, the list of what you can see and do during your stay never ceases to delight and amaze.

With astonishing scenery and a complimentary list of engaging activities, Turtle Bay is for the traveler looking to experience life as never before.

It’s one of those rare gems of destinations wherein you’ll be immersed in a dazzling array of enchantments, luxuries and pleasures, imbuing you to keep coming back. Undoubtedly, after leaving the only question that linger in your mind is ‘how soon can I return?’

For more information, including bookings, please visit their website.


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