Beautiful and Fragrant Flowers

Travelling across Molokai, if you find yourself outside of Kaunakakai, you may glimpse a lovely orchard with several well-tailored rows of beautiful plumeria. This is the stunning Molokai Plumeria Farm.

Early blooming plumerias
Early blooming plumerias


About The Orchard

Though the area is somewhat hot and dry, plumerias easily thrive here. In fact, once on the grounds, you’re immediately surrounded by beautiful plumeria trees.


Plumerias – Way better Than Orchards

Plumerias are wonderful gifts of nature; not just because of their beauty, but their lovely fragrance as well. This is why Plumerias are certainly symbols of Aloha, capturing the essence and ambiance of Hawaii in simple flowers. Think about it, why do you think they are in logos of so many Hawaiian companies?


Plumerias or  Celadines?

In Hawaii, plumerias are called by several different names including Celadine, Frangipani, Common Yellow, Hawaiian Yellow or even Graveyard Yellow or  Classic Yellow. The farm grows several varieties of plumerias. These range from the soft and yellow ones often used to make the popular Hawaiian leis to the rarer and exotic shades of pink.

Beautiful Exotic fuchsia pink plumeria infused with a tint of yellow
Beautiful Exotic fuchsia pink plumeria infused with a tint of yellow



You will find the beautiful Plumeria Orchard on the Maunaloa Highway (460) about 2.5 miles west of Kaunakakai. Notably, the entrance into the farm is a bit hard to find at first. Keep a careful lookout for a dirt road in front of a red clay colored building.


The Weather

The trees here enjoy long bouts of abundant sunshine and much shelter from heavy winds. To you, this may be a not so favorable “hot and dry” weather, but the plumerias love it.


Touring the Orchard

If you plan to visit, you can arrange a tour of the farm. During the tours, you may even get the chance to sew your own fragrant yellow plumeria lei if you pick enough blooms. You can also register for a lei workshop for $25 if you wish to make more professional leis. For an appointment, please call 808.553.3391.

Make your own leis
Make your own leis

Yep, they created those
Yep, they created those


Order Leis Outside Hawaii

Molokai Plumeria Farm ships blooms and leis outside Hawaii to mainland USA. In fact, these items are picked when they are barely open buds and packaged in an insulated box with a cold gel pack and shipped the same day they are picked, ensuring that they arrive as fresh, fragrant flowers at peak bloom.

For more information, please visits their website.

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