Are you ready to follow the call of the wild with this exhilarating off-road adventure? Are you ready to explore the hills and valleys of one of Hawaii’s islands covered with stunning terrain?

Sometimes, the best way to really see somewhere is to go off the map, to go off-road. In many ways, an off road tour can be one of the most positive and unique experiences you can find to really discover the amazing island of Kauai.

Before you know it, your wet!
Before you know it, your wet!


Think about it, all that spiraling energy, spurred form the rugged terrain and its strange geological formations. What about the sheer adrenaline that comes with the likelihood of new discoveries? Are you ready for this adventure?


What is Included?

This tour is a 4-hour off-road waterfalls adventure on Kauai. The idea behind the tour is to traverse the hills and plains of Kauai en route to the final destination, the beautiful Kahili Falls, a fitting reward for an intense trip.

Treck the dry, bumpy trails
Treck the dry, bumpy trails


There are three types of vehicles:

  • The Mud Bug with one driver and one passenger, perfect for those who just can’t bear to be apart (a popular option with newlyweds on honeymoon).
  • The Ohana Bug with one driver and two passengers, fitting for small family.
  • There is also the Ohana Bug with one driver and three passengers, fitting for a slightly larger family. There is no need to worry as all these vehicles are sturdy and better yet, extremely easy to drive, even in terrible terrain.

Tour Highlights

Buckle Up and Hold On, because you’re in for an off-road thrill like no other. However, before the tour begins, there is a pre-ride orientation wherein you will revive safety instructions as far as driving the off-road vehicle is concerned.


Once you are briefed and setup, it’s then time to make your way through thick vegetation and rugged terrain. This lasts for about two hours and includes several points of interest long the way. Following this is the Kahili Falls, where you have 90 minutes to swim and explore the area.

Kahili Falls
Kahili Falls

Once rested and refreshed, it will be time to make your way through a thick bamboo forest where you are treated to a secluded cascade, complete with striking images fit for stunning panoramas.

Also fitting is having a moth watering gourmet lunch on spot.

Its rally just a snack with sandwiches, chips, cookies and beverages, but these will possibly be the best you ever had, all done to perfection.

Following lunch, it’s time to head back to the town center.

Normally, it gets a tad more hardcore as you splash through mud and water while peering at the sites along the scenic route.

An off road tour through Kauai will be an unforgettable journey and experience during your adventure in Hawaii.

Off road riding in the most beautiful locations in the island strip is about seeking fun and adventure as you marvel at the results of tectonic upheavals, nature’s flora and fauna and the awe inspiring results of wind, water and fire.

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