Sunshine Helicopter Tours offers the most unique, fun and flexible air adventures across the Hawaiian Islands.

Fly over lush greenery maui
Fly over lush greenery

Whether you want to feel the heat and volcanic power of lava, hover next to a 2000 foot waterfall, or photograph the remote beauty of Hawaii’s stunning rainforest valleys and black sand beaches – this Hawaiian helicopter tour offers a diverse set of adventure options just for you.


What’s Included?

Sunshine Helicopter Tours from Kahului is one of Maui’s best helicopter tours, operating since 1985 with a perfect safety record.

Cliffs and valleys maui
See cliffs and valleys

This tour offers guests stunning views of Maui’s breathtaking scenery as seen from a helicopter’s cockpit. From there, you’ll be able to peer down on lush, vibrant vistas that are often inaccessible by foot and fly in either of Sunshine’s state-of-the-art helicopters, the FX-STAR or the WhisperSTAR. All that while your knowledgeable pilot provides you with a safe, smooth, and comfortable flight as well as tales of the island’s history.

See several cays maui
See several cays

So what exactly will you see? With this tour, you’ll share Maui’s most beautiful panoramas filled with waterfalls, rainbows, and all manners of wildlife lit by the warm Maui sun! If you‘re really interested in a great tour, you cannot miss out on this unique Maui point of view!


Explore Hawaii’s Hidden Treasures

This tour is  definitely a once in a lifetime experience, as from the shuttle pick-up to the flight, the ability to really see this island from the air is well worth your time as you’ll  get to go places that could only be seen from the air.

Glide over open deserts molokai
Glide over open deserts

Indeed, taking this helicopter tour is a must do activity, just like luaus and beach going.

Wai'ale'ale Falls
Wai’ale’ale Falls

A tour of this nature really is the only way to see Hawaii’s hidden treasures. So no matter what you may want from a Hawaii helicopter tour: whether it’s a Volcano sighting, waterfalls or seeing magnificent tropical rain forest and spectacular mountain ranges, this Hawaiian helicopter tour will be one of the absolute most memorable experiences of your stay in

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